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The Valentine’s Day Rush- Love And Showing It In Today’s World

For a festival commemorating and honoring a saint who passed away centuries ago, Valentine’s Day has grown into an institution, creating a multimillion dollar industry globally for all manner of businesses. On the other end of the spectrum, we have the human side of the occasion, with many hapless men and women caught in the spiral of emotion and need to prove something to their loved ones.

This is where we come in- love is a messy business. Even Shakespeare knew it, and things have not changed that much since those days of the past. Nevertheless, it is obvious that in matters of the heart and romance, speculation is rife about the best possible option. And quite honestly, the only way you are getting it right is to know the other person. There are romantics, willing to be swept off their feet by roses, candlelight dinners, and florid compliments. There are those who are of a more practical temperament, who appreciate things like cigar cases and tennis rackets, depending on their hobbies and their penchants. And there are those who love nostalgia and the past, who would like nothing more than an elegant photo-frame containing a picture showcasing a beautiful memory from your pasts.

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Like stated before, it is important to know your significant other before you can make an attempt at capturing his or her heart with presents. There is also the issue of budget and the extent to which you’d want to go. One of the most obvious answers is the standard bouquet of a dozen roses, and an intimate meal together. This allows you both to spend time together in a close setting. For a woman, a more personal touch is appreciated- write her a letter telling her how you feel about her, and don’t be afraid of honesty about it. Accompany it with a present that shows how well you know her, like a bottle of her favorite perfume, or tickets to a play she has especially been wanting to see. Stuffed toys such as teddy bears are also appealing to some people. For men, while writing letters may work, it is far better to go for something you know he loves. Buy him that leather bag you’ve seen him eyeing covertly as you walk past the shop windows with him.

There are the adventurous types as well- whisk them off on a journey that consists of experiences both of you love- starting from a spa trip at a scenic country side resort all the way to an adrenaline filled weekend, the possibilities are endless. Other rather less conventional presents do seem to be taking centerstage as society changes- it has become almost passé to stick with the traditional brand of gifts. But indeed, if there is one kind of present that has held its place through time and history, it is that of pictures and photographs.

Ever since man discovered he could paint, he has been working at it, and as anything does with practice, there have been vast strides of improvement in the art. The aristocracy used to, and still does hire painters for exorbitant sums to paint their loved ones in a variety of poses as a tribute to them. For the more ergonomic of us however, there is always photography. A good picture says a thousand words is the common adage, and it has proven to be true. It is noted that a well timed picture can capture almost any particular emotion, and what better way is there to make someone you adore happy, than to give them a memento of the time when they were so obviously caught up in the feeling?

Picture thousand words

When giving someone an intensely personal present like this, you can prove to them how much you do value them, as well as how much you care for them, and know them, because finding the right picture is undoubtedly a battle. It is easy to select an image, and wrap it up but, unless you choose the correct and most significant one, it’ll lack the maximum impact. For example, you would like to give your husband a gift for this Valentine’s Day. You can always just fob him off with your wedding picture, but search wider, and you might find one of the both of you, a candid with him smiling widely at something you’d forgotten about till today. Say you get this picture framed in a classic silver or wood frame, and give it to him. Both of you will reminisce over that amazing instant of time. There is after all a reason why photographs and images have been such a fixed standard in the ever changing landscape of gifts and presents being given.

There are also sites that offer services that act in the niche of the photography industry. For example, in this is a site that blends text and pictures seamlessly together. If you want to write your girlfriend a letter to tell her how much you love and need her, what better way of doing that exists over putting the words literally into a picture of her face? It is surely something she will treasure forever.

To wrap up, the art of giving presents is a subtle one, requiring panache and common sense both. But for those confused, the best place to start is always a delicious meal, and a gorgeous photograph.