Happy Valentine’s Day to My Wife

Happy Valentines Day to My Wife

Valentine’s Day is coming up and here’s something to remember. This occasion presumably implies more to your significant other than it does to you. Help yourself out and demonstrate to her that you truly care. It will be worth your while, ensured. You may imagine that your better half realizes that you adore her. You may imagine that she realizes you value her. In any case, by what method would it be a good idea for her to know? Consider it, when was the last time you took her in your arms, investigated her eyes and shared your most profound sentiments? Right now is an ideal opportunity!


I Love You

This ballad was composed in light of my better half, as Valentine’s Day blessing to her. We have been hitched for a long time, and our adoration appears to get more grounded each day. I realize I would be absolutely lost without her, she is my stone, my bond and my extremely soul. I trust it can speak to other people, as I figure it ought to be shared. In the event that it is distributed, ideally, a portion of my different sonnets will offer as well. It’s a little leisure activity of mine, I’d like to impart to anybody intrigued.

I can’t converse with you without feeling honor,

I can’t see you without feeling wonder,

I can’t contact you without feeling unadulterated,

I can’t feel you without needing more,

I can’t hold you without feeling safe,

I can’t kiss you without feeling incredible,

I can’t miss you without feeling torment,

I can’t meet you without needing to once more,

I can’t watch you without feeling amazement,

I can’t love you without feeling adored,

I can’t lay with you without feeling energy,

I can’t remain away without feeling apportioned,

I can’t dream of you without dozing soundly,

I can’t adapt without you around me,

I can’t rest without you in the bed,

I can’t be alive without feeling your breath,

I can’t think without you at the forefront of my thoughts,

I can’t leave without feeling unkind,

Be that as it may, the greater part of all,

I can’t exist without you in my life.


Our Dreams

I composed the lyric, “Our Dreams,” as a Valentine present for my better half. Since that time, over a hundred ladies have asked for authorization to incorporate the lyric in their wedding functions. My better half has given me the authorization to express yes to each lady of the hour.

How about we ride into the dusk on a rainbow,

We won’t return until tomorrow

In the magnificence of the dim dawn,

With stars that fill the skies in our eyes.

We’ll paint the nightfall with shades of dreams,

Dreams we make with envious plans.

I’ll utilize meteorites to compose, I cherish you

On the outstanding writing board, this night over again.

We’ll fly past cosmic systems on gossamer wings.

I’ll tell our most loved stars of extraordinary things

You’ve done since you contacted my heart,

From you, I can never live separated.

You’re the face in the dim light of the moon,

The chuckle that glides on the inestimable breeze in June.

You’re the enchantment start of nature’s red-hot cone,

The coal of satisfaction I call my own.

Venus and Cupid moan when I let you know,

I feel so exceptionally fortunate to adore you,

The one I raced to when every day is through.

I basically can’t take my eyes off you.

The morning light may take this minute brilliant

What’s more, remove the stars of the night,

We’ll have the recollections, by affection’s brush drawn,

That shading our fantasies and light the daybreak.

Investigate my eyes and see the shimmering stars,

Those thousand dreams that turn into our own,

Tune in to falling stars ring in murmurs,

I’m yours until the finish of time and vespers.


My Wife

A spouse composes the amount he adores and loves his significant other.

Surprisingly she entered my life

This lady, this holy messenger, who turned into my better half

She caught my substance

Warming a place once so dim and chilly

This lady, this blessed messenger, to love and grasp

With a delicate touch to stroke her face

Her encouraging statements, so fair and genuine

She murmurs to me when the day is new

She gives a home filled the love

A home favored by GOD above

This lady, this heavenly attendant, GOD would favor

An infant to hold and tenderly touch

For forever we will revere and love

Our infant from paradise above

This lady, this holy messenger, spouse, and mother

I know there can be no other

This lady, this holy messenger, and mother; she is my life

This lady, this holy messenger, and mother; she is My Wife.


Please Be My Valentine

If it’s not too much trouble be my Valentine,

Not just on this day.

In any case, each day consistently,

You’re my closest companion inside and out.

You are my crate of Chocolates,

In each piece a sweet astonishment.

You give me precious stones,

With the shines in your eyes.

You are my Valentine sweet,

With the adoring words, you state.

You’re similar to my dozen roses,

You are my heart’s bunch.

You contact me with a delicacy,

That delicately makes me feel great inside.

You really are my soul,

I ask we’ll never part.

You’ve given my life meaning,

Like none other for an amazing duration.

You continually bring me comfort,

At the point when my heart is loaded up with difficulty.

You are my beam of daylight,

You’re really my closest companion.

Our spirits are consolidated,

In a closeness that’ll never end.

You’ll generally be my sweetheart,

Past the finish of time.

You give me so much bliss,

It would be ideal if you be my Valentine.

Valentine’s Day 2019 Poem

Am thankful to peruse your Valentine message, it can, in any case, contact any spouses hear.

To the adoration for my life

My wonderful sweet spouse

Our lives will dependably be requesting

So how about we go to a comprehension

Our affection for God starts things out

So our marriage won’t be reviled

We have faith in this

To carry on with a real existence of rapture

Our affection for each other comes next

Regardless I figure

For more extravagant or for poorer

Our affection has never been surer

Our affection for our children comes third

So their future isn’t obscured

We will instruct them to cherish

So they don’t push and push

Glad Valentine’s Day

Is the thing that I need to state

Furthermore, to reveal to you my significant other

That you are the affection for my life

Valentine Poem to Wife

I composed this lyric for the lady who has genuinely won my central core. I am happy to the point that we have discovered one another and I trust, no, I know, that we will be cheerful together till the severe end…and then more!

Cheerful Valentine’s Day

To that Girl who has won my Heart,

Cheerful Valentine’s Day

To that Girl with whom I’ll never part.

Cheerful Valentine’s Day

To that Girl with that lovely grin,

Cheerful Valentine’s Day

To that Girl who resembles a Lily of the Nile.

Cheerful Valentine’s Day

To that Girl who’s as delicate as a Dove,

Cheerful Valentine’s DayTo you Lisa – My one True Love!

Poem About Valentine’s Day During Childhood

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One night you said to me,

“Keep in mind when we were kids

we’d stick macaroni on paper for Valentine’s Day.”

I recollect.

A great many links

a chain of dark red and splendid white development paper,

corner to corner, finishing a room,

spotted with little seats and cubby openings

possessing a scent like chalk and extravagance.

Collapsed, cut, at that point unfurled hearts

dotted with sparkle, noodles, and paint,

stuck to windows or given to cohorts,

in the time distributed for trading,

their names now more inaccessible than remote can characterize.

Index people

in retail chain suits and dresses

stuck into Bristol-board cards

speaking to mothers and fathers

or on the other hand, young ladies and young men you trusted might want you.

Fat pencil pastels, huge for ungainly hands,

composing that would never figure out how to pursue a straight line.

Absurd monster circles, abnormal risers, and garbled extent.

Abnormal hues endeavoring to keep inside heart-molded lines.

Paste all over the place.

I recall.

It was so normal, acknowledged, and commonplace.

The least complex of things

with the most flawless of expectation,

made under the condition of then impossible genuineness.

We made for adoration,

what’s more, we never mulled over it.

On this day, I recollect

that you requesting that I recollect

times that appeared to be insignificant.


for those open to its examination, offers clearness.

What’s more, I recall the exercise of my macaroni heart.


I made this for you.

A card,

with a macaroni heart.

It is anything but a genuine one obviously,

it’s virtual.

In any case, these are virtual occasions, my dear,

so these virtual macaroni

make a virtual heart,

which communicates a genuine heart,

my heart.

A heart,

that adores you,